I wrote these because I wished to honor Thoreau…

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…to express my thoughts about daily life, and to see if I could not follow the style of a famous writer, and not, when I shut down my computer, discover that I had not accomplished anything.

I drove to the store because I wanted to shop conscientiously, to purchase only the necessary foods for life, and to see if I could not find the greatest bargain, and not, when I came to cook, discover that I had no cumin.

I ran in the race because I hungered to feel the rush, to pass only those slower than I, and to see if I could not break my personal best, and not, when I reached the end, discover that I had not tried.

I played with my children because I wished to live joyfully, to appreciate all the essential aspects of youth, and to see if I could not learn what they had to teach, and not, when I went to bed, discover that I had not enjoyed them more.

I sang the song because I ached to express myself vocally, to engage others musically, and to see if I could not allow my emotions to flow, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not contributed.

I wrote the words because I wanted to raise some questions, to prove that I am multi-talented, and to see if I could not bring people joy, and not, when my pen was silenced, find out that I had not spoken up.


A Mother’s Duty

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Navigating through the slow morning traffic, her children chattering happily in the backseat, she couldn’t help but notice the ugly olive-green car ahead of her.  She drew closer and saw that there were two adults inside the car and the head of a small blond child visible just over the back of a car seat.

“Hush kids” was all she needed to say as she silenced her radio, and her tone made it clear to the three that their mother meant business and so they quieted immediately.

Without looking she picked up her cell phone and dialed the number.

“I have the people you are looking for.  I am right behind them on the highway.  No, they have not noticed me.  Yes, the child is with them.”  She dutifully gave her name and phone number and stayed on the line.

“They are going to take exit 123.  Should I stay with them? Oh, never mind…I see your guys are already there and on it.”  She stole one more glance up the exit ramp before passing under the bridge and smiled at the image of the little girl hugging the police officer.

Turning her radio back on, she thanked her children for being so well behaved.  As the music filled the car, she relaxed but the smile stayed with her.

“This just in…the amber alert issued just 30 minutes ago has been cancelled.   An unnamed driver spotted the suspects on the highway and called 911. The criminals are now in police custody and the child is being returned to her parents.  Thank you to whomever you are for daring to get involved and save this girl.”

Hyper Haikus

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Little monkeys climb so fast

I cannot keep up

Please stay on the ground with me.


My kids have such energy.

Where does it come from?

And will they sleep through the night?

Darling Children

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Angels sleeping on folded wings.

Their faces so serene,

Who could ever believe these darlings

Just make me want to scream.

They yell

They climb

They race about

And here I am trying to keep up

With the mess they leave behind.

I wish that I could enjoy them more

And as they grow I find

That they can manage

To take care of themselves

And leave me more time for them.

But they have no time for me.

Bath Time

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My back aches.

My arms are tired.

What could have caused me

To become so inspired?

I scrubbed and scoured.

I sanitized.

After two long hours

On my knees, I realized

That maintaining this level

Of cleanliness would mean

No more toiling

Like a cleaning machine.

And now that it’s sparkling

And as neat as can be

Keeping it this nice

Will be ever so easy.

The now clean bathroom

Has begun to beckon

A long hot bubble bath

Was a great motivator, I reckon.

Haikus for my husband

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Losing myself in your eyes,

I can not help it,

And fall in love all over.


We’ve been through so much thus far,

Almost lost it all,

But we still have each other.

Son Rise – Alpha

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Clothed in soft orange and yellow,

You enter into my day,

Tender at first and mellow

As if You have something to say.


The dew on the grass glistens

And for a moment the whole world is still,

As if every creature listens

To hear You speak, if You will.


A warm, gentle breeze brings Your words

To all of the anxious ears

Belonging to people, animals, and birds,

Anticipating what they might hear.


“Good morning.” You say, “How are you?

I am so glad to join you today.

What plans do you have? What things must you do?

Will you work or will you play?”


“No matter what you might have going on,

I will always stay in your sight.

I am here even if I might seem gone

In this world that is desperate for light.”


“The plants, they embrace my glory

And the birds speak of me in their songs.

Animals tell many a story

About how for me the earth longs.”


“I have been here since the beginning

And I shall stay by your side till the end.

The war against darkness I am winning

With each person that accepts I’m their friend.”


“I walked and I died and was buried

To save the souls of you all.

Doing my Father’s will, I did not tarry

To show how to answer His call.”


“My people abandoned and betrayed me

Not willing to admit I was God’s Son,

But upon being buried for days three,

I arose and shocked everyone.”


“Someday the whole truth will be revealed

To all the masses and hordes.

Their pain and their angst shall be healed

When they know without doubt, I am LORD.”